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Northside Station consists of two distinct developments: a mixed-income housing development and a mixed-use commercial development. These two projects address the need for affordable and market rate housing in the Northside, as well as provide access to services and education. This new gateway into the Northside is located on the corner of Howard and College Street. NDG hopes that Best Sports Betting Sites 2024the new housing and other initiatives will attract new residents to the area to support continued growth and development.

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Northside Station

The first phase is a $14.5M mixed-use project consisting of two buildings. The Northside Clinic, located at 220 College Street, is a partnership between The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) and Regenesis Healthcare. The main building, located at the corner of Howard and College Streets, houses offices for AccessHealth, Online Sports BettingNDG, and BirthMatters. The upper floors are 20 units of mixed-income apartments. The corner of the main building is dedicated to Wofford College’s Community Sustainability program. Wofford’s space includes classrooms, community engagement spaces for students and community partners, with housing located on the floors above. 

500 Northside Station

500 Northside Station is a $17M mixed-income rental housing development that includes 90 units of 1, Best Betting Sites 20242, or 3 bedroom apartments, 81 units being a mix of affordable housing and 9 units being market-rate housing. The development, constructed by Creative Builders, was completed in summer of 2021 and is managed by NHE, Inc. This development will provide critical affordable housing for years to come.

For further information and updates on current construction status, please visit our blog.