Northside Voyagers

The Northside Voyagers Best Betting Sites 2024is a resident leadership team passionately and genuinely interested in the continued growth/betterment of the Northside community. Along with the Northside development Group (NDG), and our partners, we envision an all-inclusive community dedicated to prosperity and empowerment through partnerships.

The mission of the Northside Voyagers is changing the community one brick at a time while remembering its rich and diverse history. We as Voyagers believe that every community should be able to exist and prosper Best Sports Betting Sites 2024in a vibrant city (such as Spartanburg). We believe in a law-abiding community that cares for its elderly and children, while maintaining patience and respect for each other as well as our stakeholders. We seek to assist the elderly with basic needs when they have limited resources and to foster an atmosphere where residents take pride in the overall appearance of the community by participating in clean up parties. 

The Voyagers have an ongoing food outreach program that assist the elderly residents who are immobile Online Sports Bettingand in need. At present, the Northside Voyagers are working in collaboration with partners to develop a reading program. This program will assist children as well as adults with reading fundamentals, comprehension, and computer skills.

The Voyagers are also working to document the history of the Northside, while actively working to support the transformation of the new Northside. We are working with existing residents and the Northside Development Group to support an homeowner repair program, Best Betting Sites 2024while also working to implement the community’s master plan to include new affordable and market rate housing opportunities, a new community center, an early learning center and supportive services. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Voyagers or participating in various activities, please contact our office at (864) 598-0097, ext.2.


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  • Sylvia Means

  • Ebony Woody

  • Tony Thomas

  • Cynthia Bell

  • Phoenix Miller

  • Kelly Richard

  • Deborah Moore

  • Monique Watson

  • Gail Wilkins

  • Angela Huey

  • Linda Askari

  • Jeffrey Shippy

  • Joy Downing

  • Hattie Shippy

  • Maxine Kelly

  • Rosa Berry

  • Minnie Johnson

  • Wanda Cheeks-Holmes